Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wheat Varieties with Herbicide Resistant Traits on the Increase

Each year an increasing number of growers are choosing to plant public and private wheat varieties with a herbicide-resistant trait added to the germplasm. One example is CLEARFIELD wheat cultivars.

The trait available in the CLEARFIELD varieties is not a GMO. CLEARFIELD wheat cultivars carry a gene for resistance to the herbicide Beyond. To protect the longevity of the technology, growers and seed dealers agree to specific licensing terms and requirements before having access to the seed.

It makes no difference if the trait is added to private varieties (such as AP700CL) or public varieties (such as UICF Brundage, ORCF 103) it is the trait that is protected. Locally developed germplasm serves as the carrier to make the technology available to growers in a wide variety of environments. The cost of having that technology available means agreeing to the stewardship plan which helps reduce the risk of selection of Beyond resistant weeds and gene flow to related weed species.

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