Wednesday, September 8, 2010

U.S. gives Japan assurances about adequate wheat supplies

The Japan Economic Newswire reported that Japan will have adequate supplies of wheat despite public concern about poor harvests because the United States will continue to be a reliable supplier, the United States said Tuesday.

"Traditional exporters, particularly the United States, maintain wheat stocks that are more than sufficient to compensate for any global wheat shortfall this year," the United States said in a statement issued by the Embassy in Tokyo.

Pointing out that Japan is the largest buyer of U.S. wheat, the United States stressed the importance of the two countries' relations in the field of agriculture for their overall bilateral partnership.

In August, Russia, the world's leading wheat producer, imposed a temporary ban on exports of wheat and other grains due to a serious drought that has hurt the country's agricultural production, giving rise to speculation about a rise in international wheat prices.

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