Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wheat Production Reported Down 2% From August

USDA made some small changes in its August forecasts of wheat production in the small grains summary released in its Sept 30 Small Grains Summary Report.

All wheat production in 2010 is now estimated at 2.224 billion bushels, down 2 percent from the August forecast but still slightly above 2009 production. All winter wheat production is pegged at 1.485 billion bushels, HRW at 1.018 b bu, SRW at 238 million bushels and white wheat at 229 m bu. Other spring wheat production increased to 627 m bu, up from 584 m bu in 2009, and durum production totaled 111 m bu, compared to 109 m bu a year ago.

Barley is another small grain in production decline. USDA estimated production at 182million bushels, down 20 percent from 2009, even though average yield is projected at 73.6 bushels an acre, up slightly from last year. Like oats, the barley acres harvested were down 21 percent from 2009, the lowest level since 1882.

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