Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“Dinner on the Farm” Highlights Idaho Agriculture

Idaho farmwife, Gayle Anderson put her culinary talents to work to teach non-farmers about agriculture. Last year, Gayle began the “Dinner on the Farm” series where she and wheat farmer/husband Joe Anderson invite a small group of “city folk” to their home for dinner. The event allows non-farmers a chance to learn about where their food comes from. There is no charge to attend these by invitation only dinners.

Joe and Gayle farm with brother, Jay Anderson and his wife, Lisa. Together the family partnership farms 4,150 acres in Genesee, Idaho. They grow winter wheat, spring wheat, garbanzo beans and occasionally raise barley, mustard or lentils.

When guests arrive on the farm, they are greeted by the Andersons and one other farm couple and then head out to the field to explore farm machinery and ride in the combine. The dinner menu highlights food grown on the Anderson farm. Conversation focuses on learning/sharing about farming. Questions range from day to day operations to GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

“I want to put a face to the farm,” said Gayle Anderson. “We’re not a huge corporation, we’re a family farm. I want to get the message out that farmers are good stewards of the land who work diligently to provide the safest and best quality food available. As we invite people into our home who don’t have a farm background, we hope we can demonstrate to them that we care for our land and our resources.”

Gayle has also begun a blog entitled, “A Glorious Life of an Idaho Farmwife” ( where she shares about farm life, daily activities, and some of her favorite recipes. She hopes that other farmers in Idaho will see the importance of getting accurate information out about farming to the non-farm population. The “Dinner on the Farm” series has created a forum where city people can see firsthand how their food is grown and meet the people who grow it.

The Andersons will continue to host the farm dinners on a yearly basis and currently have a waiting list for the 2010 dinner series. This event can easily be replicated and the Andersons are willing to share their experiences as well as offer helpful tips, recipes and any other information needed. For further information, please contact Gayle at or call her at 208-285-1501.

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  1. This is an excellent idea, I wish more farm families would tell their story! Hats off to the Andersons!