Monday, March 1, 2010

Idaho Commission Meets with University of Idaho Researchers

Boise--The Idaho Wheat Commission met with University of Idaho researchers to review 2010 research proposals. Also in attendance were Idaho Grain Producer Association research committee members Jeff Tee, Sam Reed, Greg Branson, Bob Branson and James McLeod.

Donn Thill UI Assistant Director IAES/Professor Weed Science, opened the day with a presentation on weed control systems. Brad Brown, UI Extension crop Management Specialist reviewed his work on nitrogen management systems. Nysa Bosque-Perez updated the commission on her Hessian Fly research. Jianli Chen and Bob Zemetra, Idaho's wheat breeders reported on their resent wheat releases and discussed their respective breeding programs in Moscow and Aberdeen. Katherine O'Brien gave a brief update on the Wheat Quality Lab in Aberdeen.

Research proposals will be discussed at the next IWC meeting. Proposals will be listed on the IWC website under "Research". All wheat growers are encouraged to review research proposals and provide recommendations.

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