Monday, March 15, 2010

First Dry Fertilizer Application for 2010

Genesee wheat farmer Joe Anderson sent us this home made video of his first fertilizer application for 2010.

Joe's been hard at work spreading 70# Ammonium Sulfate Feb 22,23 on winter wheat at his Tammany(Lewiston) farm.

March 1, before he left for the Commodity Classic in S. California, he sprayed 2 ww stubble fields with glyphosate. Later that week, his brother and farm partner, Jay Anderson, seeded them to DNS (Jefferson was the variety).

During the same week, Dave Barton of North Star Guidance, installed another layer of GPS(8 section Autoboom) on his Genesee sprayer.

Anderson arrived home from Anaheim on Sunday evening to a sunny 55-60 degree day. Next morning they received a nice rain-about .5” by end of the day.

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