Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hard White Wheat Discussed at IWC Meeting

Boise -- Last week Idaho Wheat Commissioners met to discuss marketing, research and information & education topics.

One of the topics of discussion was Hard White Wheat (HWW).

Currently, Idaho is the second largest producer of HWW in the nation. Each year production continues to increase and demand for the commodity has peaked interest with domestic millers.

This year a local elevator will once again increase it's HWW plantings, offering a twenty to twenty-five cent premium for 12% protein HWW.

Idaho has developed a national reputation for quality HWW. Domestic customers are willing to pay a premium to the grower, but also higher freight rates in getting Idaho's HWW to milling locations.

Some of the growing pains include early signs of maxing out on spring acres. The big gains will now need to come from having a good winter variety of HWW.


  1. Wanted to plant hww this spring, but PNW doesn't want to put out more seed until they can sell off the inventory they now own. Too bad, they have some good yielding hww.

  2. That's too bad. This year the HWW acres in eastern Idaho are going to be the largest to date. With the new release of the UI HWW winter varieties, we're expecting to see even more acres planted.